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Map of China

Map of China with my travel route, updated as of 2007-08-25, returning to Shanghai. For Vietnam please see the Vietnam map.

There are clickable hotspots around the names of the places I have visited. Clicking on them transports you to the first document on that particular place. With the “Next” button at the top of every document you can reach the other documents about a place in chronological order.


Straight Red: By Train (e.g. BeiJing -> Xi’An)

Dotted red: By Plane (e.g. Shanghai -> QingDao)

Straight Green: By Bus (e.g. QingDao -> YanTai)

Blue Dashes: By Ferry (YanTai -> DaLian -> TianJin)

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Originally Created: 06/21/2007 11:48:38 AM

Last Edited: 08/25/2007