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Nearly Done

I don’t like the well-known project status “I’m nearly done”…projects tend to stay in that status forever.

Well…the import of articles to this blog is nearly done. 😉 All content is available by now. But there are still a number of links to fix between articles of this blog. If a link still points to an address with lots of hex values and an “?OpenDocument” text in it then it’s not yet updated. Also one or the other thumbnail pic might still become a link to a larger version on flickr. But only few more will.

A completely different approach…

ATR 500 touching down in EDDL
ATR 500 approaching EDDL (actually touching down, but then the bun wouldn’t have worked)

It’s not Lotus Notes this time…it’s just a “normal” WordPress blog like thousand others on the net. It’s long time to say good-bye to Notes and I’m trying options…

My good old server at Strato died a hardware defect after years of service. A welcome opportunity to switch to a way of less care-intensive a web presence. Other events take up more and more of my time, which I no longer want to spend on server maintenance.

If you liked my Asia reports: Thanks for your interest! I will try to get them online again in a static version. The ones you know were in a Notes database, which will not come alive again. But the content is not lost. Give me time.

Haier W18: Sound and WLAN under Windows, Debian Etch, and Ubuntu Hardy Heron

I reported already that I had bought a Haier W18 notebook, a Chinese make, with which I am very happy. I have installed both Windows XP and Debian Linux Etch. Both installations presented the same two challenges: WLAN and Sound. All other hardware (this includes the wired LAN) has been identified correctly and did not require special treatment to work properly.
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