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Sapa – Rice Paddies and Minorities

Am I glad that I did the trip! Remember? Many people told me I had to go there, but I had considered skipping it as I thought I had seen enough mountains and rice paddies already. Seeing then that tours to Sapa can be easily booked as group tours through basically any agency and guest house here in Hanoi I opted for a two day/three night version: First night on the night train to Sapa, then one day of hiking there with a tour guide, doing “homestay” for the second night (which means to stay with a local farmer in one of the minority villages), another shorter day of hiking, and the third night back on the night train to Hanoi.

Rice paddies here look like rice paddies in China, no news. But the muddy walking trails were an entirely new experience as was the encounter with the minority people. Not because of their appearance or traditions, but because of their insisting way of persuing their “business”. We’ll come back to that… Continue reading Sapa – Rice Paddies and Minorities

BeiJing (V) Hiking Outside the City

Hiking with BeiJing Hikers: Two Valley Hike

BeiJing Hikders offer hikes every weekend. So if you are interested check out their web site. It’s just 200 RMB for a “standard” hike, which includes coach transport to the start, guide, park entrance fees, and a snack after the hike. Highly recommended if you happen to be in BeiJing on a weekend!

The hike I participated in was considered a “lush walk”, category 3, and that only because of a few rocks in the way, which allowed for some funny climbing exercise right before lunch break. It was in a hilly forest area, whose name I could not remember. Something with Xiang tun (香屯). Continue reading BeiJing (V) Hiking Outside the City