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QingDao (III) Lao Shan

Update 30-DEC-2007: I found a way of transferring pictures from my mobile phone to my laptop…sending them via EMail, which is possible in my Vodafone home network in Germany. I did make 4 photos with my mobile phone on the mountain, hoping to find some kind of way of accessing them somewhen later (camera has no memory card). No great quality and 640×480 only, but better than no pics at all. The assigned timestamps are correct, the mobile phone did not add EXIF data, but stored the timestamp in its directory data. I put the four photos into the article below, timestamps between QD_20070605_094800 and 105300.

Lao Shan – 崂山

Can you believe it? I forgot my camera today! Continue reading QingDao (III) Lao Shan

QingDao (II) The nice places

I survived the night OK. The bed is hard as wood as usual in China, but I like it that way. The first 2 people got up early, around 6, likely to catch some bus or train as they were taking all their belongings with them. They tried hard to make as little noise as possible. I got only annoying once the German got a phone call at 7 in the morning and had no issue with talking normal voice for some 10 – 15 minutes. As he spoke German I was even forced to understand. He is still unaware that I am German, too, but I doubt that would have made any difference. Afterwards I decided I could not sleep any longer and got up. Hence, fairly early for my habits at 07:30 or so. Has the advantage of having more time for sightseeing. Continue reading QingDao (II) The nice places