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DaLian (II) Ocean and Forest

A day for the animals…

LaoHuTan (老虎滩) Ocean Park

…is located at the souther coast of DaLian, reachable by bus. And you know what? For that direction my hotel is located perfectly! 😉 There is just some confusion on the bus stop names which led me to run into the wrong direction first until asking for directions. In case you wanna find it: Take bus number 2 or 403 and get off after seeing a huge colorful fun-park entry in a left-turn, one stop before LaoHuTan. That colorful park entry is the right one. There are lots of ticket options, but explained in detail. Don’t take any option below 160 RMB…yea…it is expensive, but you absolutely have to see the Pole Aquarium, which alone is 120 RMB.
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DaLian (I) City Center

DaLian – 大连

After a Chinese breakfast at the hotel I got by bus down into the city. The first day I wanted to explore the sights and shopping places of DaLian downtown. Knowing that it would probably not require an entire day I did everything slow-motion, with various breaks in cafes or parks.

It seems that due to my unplanned early arrival DaLian was yesterday not yet prepared for me and had covered everything in thick fog. Today, however, it showed itself off in bright sun shine, which could at times even get a bit too hot. But in shadow with a light breeze it was very fine weather. Continue reading DaLian (I) City Center