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Hue I – Citadel and Palace

Hue, the emporers’ capital for quite some time. Its citadel and tombs tell some of Vietnam’s glory history. The citadel reminds one of BeiJing’s Forbidden City. And the tombs, some 200 years old, are left pretty much in their original state, hence can convey an atmosphere of history. But, alas, also they are being more and more restaurated. Hopefully to the better (some finished parts of the palace look great!), but that touch of historic atmosphere might get lost as it often did in similar places we’ve seen in China. Continue reading Hue I – Citadel and Palace

Bangkok (II) Even More to See

Friday, 26-OCT

We had a lot of sightseeing options in mind. Not too many for a day…but we really only saw just one of them. Just because we walked, and found markets or photo objects, and more markets. And something to eat. But then no ferry, but a king’s barge…naja…things like that, which just happen.

We set out from our hotel towards the Amulet Market. Not anything I would choose, but in the end I was quite delighted by just strolling though the narrow ways, though I didn’t fancy checking out any of the millions of amulets there. Some locals actually bring magnifiers to study the details. And apparently there are series of magazines covering amulets. Must be a big business for some… Continue reading Bangkok (II) Even More to See

Phnom Penh – Culture, Busyness, and Genocide

After one month on the road again, starting off in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. To be honest, it took some self-conviction to leave the ease of life in Frankfurt, where I had not to work for the past month, know where to get everything, don’t need to pack things every other day, can meet family, friends, and colleagues. But Asia, even South-East Asia, is larger than ‘only’ China and Vietnam. And so I boarded a Thai Airways flight to Bangkok, changed there to Phnom Penh, and here I am, back in the backpacker’s life. Continue reading Phnom Penh – Culture, Busyness, and Genocide