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YanTai (I) what a cool hotel…location

YanTai – 烟台

Before talking about YanTai we have to get there… At the morning I was still in QingDao. And I got up a bit “late”, comparing to my previous days: At 8am only. That was partly due to a longer evening in the hostel’s bar. As I had done my homework already in the evening at the SPR Coffee I could upon returning to the hostel just grab a beer and join some other backpackers at the large table. I was probably the one with the best Chinese knowledge, and my LaoShan experience on that very day could even serve a Spanish, who wanted to do the trip today. (Although I doubt he did…when I finally left the hostel he was still nibbling his breakfast-fruit-salat, at a time I was already well under way to LaoShan the day before.) But all other people, 3 different groups in total, where all at the end of their multi-month-long travel. One UK couple travelled no less than 16 months in one go! Now guys, no complains any longer about my 3 months, please! 😉 Continue reading YanTai (I) what a cool hotel…location