Fireworks – Or some LianYang night shots

Pitty or not, but again I did not see fabulous fireworks during the Chinese New Year festivities. Partly due to the fact that I was too lazy to travel into the city and then, after watching around, fight with thousands of people for dozens of taxis. So I stayed home also during the 2 nights, during which fireworks should be most dramatic: The actual New Year’s night (this year from Saturday, 28-Jan to Sunday, 29-Jan) and five nights later (from Wednesday to Thursday) as this is the eve of the 5. day of the New Lunar Year, on which traditionally the money man is called with a lot of explosive to attract his attention and leave some money over the year. So while we westerners try to scare away evil daemons the Chinese try to get someones attention by doing fireworks!

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8 Treasures Rice – 八宝饭

2 days ago a Shanghainese friend gave me a deep-frozen disc, apparently made from rice. Before packing it into my backpack I also noted some colored sprinkles on it, said decently “Thank you” (or maybe Xiexie) and forgot about it for a while. We spend the day shopping. Back home I put the rice disc into the fridge. Only then, via messenger, finding out what it actually was: Continue reading 8 Treasures Rice – 八宝饭