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Phuket (II) Scuba Diving

?Yea…diving again! Finally in Kata on Phuket I took my chance. And it was a very good deed. Great feeling to be under water again! I had no clear recommendations in the end on where to book in Kata. I ended up with Nautilus, which had a mentioning in Petra’s guidebook. Questions asked were correct, equippment good and well-maintained, too. And while sitting at dinner in the evening at ‘our’ restaurant (it was raining again and we had no intentions of getting wet searching for another place) a Thai lady dropped and handed me a note from Nautilus that my pick-up time next morning had changed. The only thing I would have liked to informed upfront is that I was booked on a non-Nautilus boat. Fine…with so few divers as right now it does not make sense that each dive shop sends their own ships to all sites. It would have just been easier to find the right people at the harbor. I was not prepared to look for M/V Similan people… Continue reading Phuket (II) Scuba Diving