Beijing in 1 Day II: Beihai Park

Beijing in 1 Day II: Beihai Park

Note: All pictures starting with “br_” or “don_”, are again published by courtesy of Britta or Don respectively, xiexie nimen!

After exiting Forbidden City we decided to visit Beihai Park, only a 10 minutes walk away. Its most famous attraction is the White Pagoda, situated atop a small island within a lake, which again is surrounded by the park.

don_041127_293.JPG bei_0050.JPG

don_041127_293: The map of Beihai Park, painted on tiles. We entered the park through its south entrance.

bei_0050: View across the bridge, which reaches the White Pagoda’s island. And, yeah, that’s me in the foreground.

bei_0053.JPG bei_0055.JPG bei_0056.JPG

bei_0053: At the foot of the hill there was another bell installed, with which you could get rid of all your worries with just three bangs (and payment of 2 yuan…)

bei_0055: Seven of something special (Britta, please remind me…), but please also note the beautiful paintings in the roof of this temple.

bei_0056: A monk returning from the White Pagoda, enjoying is modern direct mobile link to his favorite divinity.

bei_0057.JPG bei_0059.JPG

bei_0057: The ascend to the White Pagoda…

bei_0059: …was fairly steep.

bei_0060.JPG bei_0062.JPG bei_0063.JPG

bei_0060: But it was worth the view across Beijing, especially across the forbidden city.

bei_0062: The top of the pagoda itself: Decorated with hundreds of buddha tiles.

bei_0063: We descended the hill on the other side.

We also wanted to see the dragon wall at the other end of the park. It was about noon, bright sunshine, and we enjoyed walking along Beihai Park.

bei_0064.JPG bei_0065.JPG bei_0066.JPG

bei_0064: The armada of pedal boads was safely towed up for winter, awaiting hordes of tourist next year.

bei_0065: And here we are: The dragon wall: Seven dragons, each of them standing for something…

bei_0066: A detail of the tiled wall.