And nearly gone is March now, without any entry on the site. That cannot stay like that… Why couldn’t I do any updates? Because I’m working all day and night and weekend long? Certainly, that is part of the problem. But it got worse: Since a good week I’m learning Salsa…

It might be a bit of a surprise to go into the far east to learn a Latin American dance. At least, it surprised me that finally me German dances Salsa together with CZ in Shanghai. But, hey, it works very well and makes a lot of fun! It all happens mostly in two bars around Hengshan Lu (where are pretty many other bars around, too), Zapatas and Silver Moon (both now now closed 🙁 ), which offer public 1-hour Salsa classes every weekend. And afterwards there’s Salsa party to practice the learned stuff.

As she did it already for some months and I could faintly remember some of my dancing experiences I had in my ancient youth we got into Salsa fairly quickly. Last weekend we made use of all three evenings. Making plans for this week is in progress. (Due to a planning flaw of mine there need to be another update…)

I know, you want to have pictures. Hm, we’ll see, maybe when we won the Chinese Salsa Championship…?