Benedict XVI.

Habemus papam: Josef Cardinal Ratzinger, a German, becomes pope Benedict XVI. All that certainly happened at the heart of the Catholic church, far far away in the Vatican.

My personal opinion on this selection goes hand-in-hand with the general opinion of other Germans, which seems to be somewhat different from the joy the news caused in many other parts of the world.

Again, like in case of the death of John Paul II., the news is available quickly also here in China. China Daily runs a comprehensive article about the election, which also explains some highlights of the process and the pope’s role to the Catholics.

Today, on Benedict’s first working day, I learned from the news on DW-TV, that China managed to become the first country to formulate a demand to the new pope. Guess what? In China Daily the official congratulations of China are cited: “The Vatican must cut off its so-called diplomatic relations with Taiwan, acknowledging the People’s Republic of China is the only sole legal government representing the whole of China […] [The Vatican] must not intervene in China’s domestic affairs, including not intervening in domestic affairs in the name of religion”. In tune and words fairly typical, unfortunately.

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Originally Created: 04/20/2005 03:30:08 PM

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