Century Park

Another advantage of the new appartment is the close location to Shanghai’s largest park, Century Park. I skate around it if I’m up for some long-distance skating. And this weekend we eventually visited it.

Most parts of the park are grouped around a large lake in the middle. There are also other small creeks throughout the park, so that–typically Chinese–there is lot’s of water around. A design I still very much like. On most of these waters it is possible to go by hired boat.

01/02: The main promenade along the large middle lake. We had the big luck to go there on a weekend, which officially was a working day (08-Oct, most Chinese had to work there in exchange for free days in the week of Chinese national holiday before). So it looks fairly deserted. Given some crowds I have seen from time to time when getting out of the subway it can be quite full here in the park, which probably justifies the wideness of the promenade.

05: Still the same lake, but at different spots it looks entirely different. Well crafted!

03: Other areas look more like forests. As with many huge parks, also Shanghai’s Century Park is divided into many theme areas. Unfortunately, I do not (yet) have picture of all of them, as we did not walk everywhere.

04: The Winter Garden. Can’t exactly say why it’s called winter garden…maybe there are more blooms during winter….?

07: Pigeons somewhere on the way.

15. Other paths are quite tiny, left to pedestrians only…

16. …so that you can find a lot of relaxing calm spots, with the city far in the back—both in mind and reality.

Well, we did not walk everywhere, as said above, because we at some point in time, half-way round, decided to rent a tandem bicycle. That actually means: We have seen many parts from the bike. Riding a tandem can be quite some fun, especially if you’ve never done it before. Is to be controlled a bit differently, especially if you get an old and rusty one, with only few air in the tires. And try to find one who hasn’t been riding a bicycle for over 10 years and put him/her on the front seat! It could be the last day of your life, because you either crash or laugh to death. But it’s at least a fun day! 🙂

09. Tandems are to be ridden by 2 funny people. But there’s time for a picture only if people with more driving experience are in front…

12.Äh? Can you finally press the button? Otherwise we run into danger to get off the road…and by the way…could you close my rucksack again? Thanx.”

14. As you can well see: The handlebars of the back seat were unconveniently located. Well, People find good grip anyway… 😉

32. All bikes are well maintained as attentive staff looks after them.

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