Fifa WM 2006

Hi to our foreign friends,

I do not have a web-site like Birger at*, showing my impressions of the world. But there was an extraordinary event in Germany of which I never thought, it would be extraordinary – the Fifa WM 2006.

OK – everybody expects me to watch soccer, what I did indeed – I did not miss one single goal out of the 147!

But what happened to Eva? She does not like Soccer at all.

The qualification-rounds just passed by her – I think, she did not even realize the drama of Poland vs. Germany!

After the penalty shootout between Germany and Argentina, there must have been a discussion in the kindergarten. So I had to chance to explain the rules to her – right away together with the game between England and Portugal. And she watched TV until the bitter end for England.

At that time it was for sure that something very special was going on in Germany. Even my car was decorated with a German flag. When you go around in our small country town, you could see flags hanging from poles, roof-tops, windows and balconies.

On the night of the game between Portugal and Germany we had our dinner (as usual) with friends at our preferred Italian restaurant. I left at 19.30 to go to Oberkampf – Carol knows, what I mean. I watched all German games there with a lot of other people – private public viewing. Eva stayed with our friends at the restaurant and went home at about 21.30.

Well, I admit it was a bit later than midnight when I finally came back home – Eva was still up. – „Wasn’t that a wonderful game?“ was the surpring question when I opend the door.

And on Sunday noon both of us watched the entire Berlin show where the German team thanked their fans – it was heartbreaking!

Sunday evening I watched the final at home (no Germans, thus, no Oberkampf). Eva joined when it became dramatic, just to watch Zidane being sent off the field. And again a penalty shootout with Eva applauding Italy!

It was an important experience for Germany to be host and at the same time to be able to show „the own flag“ – I think, it was a new experience for Germany,

See you 2010!!!!


* But my father has connections to me 😉 … so here we go: An international view from home

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