IAA – International Motor Show Cars

IAA…that’s not really about Asia, but I have been to two Motor Shows in Shanghai, so I thought I simply have to take the chance to go to the IAA (“Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung” or International Motor Show Cars) right here in Frankfurt and see what’s the difference. The difference is clear right from the very beginning: In Frankfurt (nearly) all is about ecological locomotion. In Shanghai it was a mere display of car makers’ abilities: “We are here, we sell these cars.” Continue reading IAA – International Motor Show Cars

Future Plans: Cambodia, Bhutan, Thailand

Plans are becoming more and more clear: There is the already fixed date of 12-OCT through 23-OCT in Bhutan. Around that I planned a Thailand trip of about 2 weeks with two friends, which now is added after Bhutan. In order not to extend too far into the year I will likely visit Cambodia before going to Bhutan. One of the countries has to be the one on the edge of the raining season…

After Thailand there might be time for a quick look into Malaysia and Singapore. Continue reading Future Plans: Cambodia, Bhutan, Thailand