Future Plans: Cambodia, Bhutan, Thailand

Plans are becoming more and more clear: There is the already fixed date of 12-OCT through 23-OCT in Bhutan. Around that I planned a Thailand trip of about 2 weeks with two friends, which now is added after Bhutan. In order not to extend too far into the year I will likely visit Cambodia before going to Bhutan. One of the countries has to be the one on the edge of the raining season…

After Thailand there might be time for a quick look into Malaysia and Singapore.



I reserved just one week for Cambodia. That’s not much, but the two places to see are Phnom Penh and Siem Reap, the latter mostly for Angkor Wat, the ancient temples of the Khmer empire. I plan to fly directly from Frankfurt to Phnom Penh (changing planes in Bangkok), go by bus to Siem Reap and fly back to Bangkok from there.


I booked with Windhorse Tours, a Bhutan-US company. The tour is called “Druk Path Trek” and lasts for 12 days in total, half of it actual trekking through Bhutan’s mountain sites, half of it in the cities and valleys of Paro and Thimphu. See here for more details, or even download the full itinerary as a PDF file.

As the flight to Paro/Bhutan departs from Bangkok at the unhealthy early time of 05:50 I will not be able to avoid staying overnight in Bangkok after arriving from Siem Reap. So I likely take the chance to even stay a full day in Bangkok and organize some domestic flight tickets for the later Thailand tour before heading off to Bhutan.


The idea was to do a more or less lazy beach vacation there. I even only bought the stripped-down LP version of Thailand, named “Thailand’s Islands & Beaches”, covering Bangkok and Thailand’s south. Likely places to see could include: Ko Samui, Phuket (yes…the place the place just crashed, we go there anyway), Ko Phi Phi, Krabi…and maybe even less travelled sites like Ko Samet or Ko Chang. But you can’t squeeze all of that into two weeks if you also want to just relax on the beaches or do some diving.

Malaysia / Singapore

That’s pretty vague yet…but I reserve another good week after Thailand to do some more in the area before returning to Germany.


In order to share the dates with my two friends I started tracking in a Google Calendar, so the entries here will change and settle over time. Come back and see…

Today’s Lesson: We’ll get going soon…

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