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I am back in Frankfurt, Germany, at least temporarily. After a last delicious Japanese dinner and a (Swedish ;)) massage I headed for Pudong Airport. Somehow the massage had taken half an hour longer than we had planned. Still, I was at the airport 1,5 hours before departure time. But nonetheless it meant I was the very last person to check in for the flight. Surprised me a bit, but so it was. And it certainly meant that I got the worst seat: In the middle of a row in the far back of the plane. I survived. The advantage was: In Frankfurt my luggage was out quite early. 😉

My keys still worked and my appartment appeared unchanged…which also means: Hot water switched off and fridge empty. After the water had heated up and a shower I left only once for a bit of shopping: Have to get used to cook again 😉 Other than that I move little these days: I really want to give my left foot now the peace it seems to need to heal completely. This small wound on the toe from the fins still causes quite some pain, making me walk awkwardly, which in turn makes the entire foot hurt and even a bit swollen.

I catched up on some required company online trainings, did this and that on the web site as you might have noticed (especially came up with a TOP 10 list for the less frequent readers), and enjoyed Birger’s fried egg “Speciale” and good German bread.

Let me see over the next weeks if I can please father’s request for updates on Germany…but by and large there won’t be too many updates here before going back in October for Thailand and Buthan. Make sure you won’t miss new updates then:

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Today’s Lesson: Check in early for good seats

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Originally Created: 08/29/2007 07:04:13 PM

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