Luang Prabang – Tat Kuang Si

Tat Kuang Si are a series of beautyful waterfalls 32km away from Luang Prabang. Tours are offered everywhere, and even any Tuk Tuk could bring you there. We had opted for a tour. Probably not so bad a deed as we where transported by van instead of tuk tuk. And it was an hour’s drive.

The waterfalls are really beautiful. It’s turquoise water, which forms lots of ponds along the long way down.

First: Some of these ponds are rather shallow, others deeper and invite for a swim.

Second: Falling water certainly invites for playing round with the shutter time 😉

Third: And some ponds were deliberately marked “do not swimming areas”.

First: The largest fall was at the end of the walk, the area around prepared for picknick. A beautiful spot.

Second: Here an unknown small red bird caught Nina’s attention.

Third: Fascinated by the power of falling water.

At that last fall some guys tried to reach a small cave behind the curtain of water. Was possible, required stepping through that flow of water, which might have hit with quite some force.

First: There were three dedicated swimming pools, this one here being the middle one, which was probably the largest. And it was the only one with a rope from a tree to dive into the water. Locals also jumped of the rocks, which the water runs over. Probably a little bit more risky…

Second: I took a bath, too, though not jumping from anywhere. The water was, not surprising, damn cold 😉

Back in town we had a relaxing evening with some naps, reading, photo sorting, article writing on our balcony, and a dinner. We went to bed early as on the next day we would sit for six hours on a mini van en route to Phonsavan.

Today’s Lesson: Waterfall’s water is cold.

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