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Surprising or not…Nina and I knew quite different parts of and views on Shanghai. So I got to know some areas I had not paid attention to before.

Hotel Window View

But let’s just start by looking out of our hotel window, given that today’s weather permittet the best visibility during our stay:

Left: Hotel Window View (51st floor): Right beneath metro line 3/4, ZhongShan Park Station. The elevated Road in the back, West Yan’An Road, crosses West ZhongShan Road. None of the tall buildings is anything spectacular worth mentioning, but note the old neighbourhood next to the metro station amidst green, which is being demolished, likely for even more residential buildings.

Center: Also seen from our hotel window, just zoomed in into a residential area approximately around MaoTai Lu.

Right: Escalators to the Clouds – Modern shopping malls like this one, Cloud 9 next to our hotel, come up everywhere.


Left: TianZiFang is a polished-up old residential area, now hip with boutiques, cafes, bars, and restaurant, but preserving pretty much of the original residential area atmosphere. That includes the fact the lanes are tiny, winding, and not necessarily easy to navigate. The area isn’t large but continues behind the next bend…finding something specific again is a bit of a great challenge.

Center: One of the wider lanes of the area with tourists pouring in.

Right: Colorful Power – If this fixture is illegal then at least nobody can accuse the landlord of having made it a secret 😉 The wiring of TianZiFang doesn’t live up to the new standards. But somehow it’s simply part of the surviving charme of the area.

Left: Some empty wine bar tables in front contrast with four old residents. And you don’t know if you need to feel sorry for them that their neighbourhood they lived in for decades has been invaded by strangers (looks like the two older ones in the back think so) or if you shall encourage them to embrace the chance for the better that the renovation brought with it. The brown notes on the bar tables can be found on each and every cafe table in the area, reminding guests to keep their voices down not to disturb the residents too much.

Right: Under the watchfull eyes of two other residents, sharing a smoke and a tea.

Somewhere around

Left: Another cutie preparing for a photo. She seems to feel a bit uneasy about the dress. No wonder.

Center: ShaoXing Lu – There are still these green and lovely alleys. This one featuring the…

Right: Vienna Cafe, which collected some magazine awards. Looks like not only we liked it.

Today’s Lesson: There are nice areas I got to know only now.

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