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Appartment Ding Xiang Lu / Cooking

Appartent Ding Xiang Lu

As I had introduced my first appartment in “Royal Garden” (RG), I should also describe our new one. Other than the one in RG, this here is privately organized, no longer by the company. The story behind that is long and has mostly to do with the fact, that RG was pretty much far away from everything. Some people wanted to get closer to the project site (those, who have weekly or bi-weekly flybacks to their families), a few others wanted to get closer to the city (those with 4 flybacks per year). I was one of them who wanted to live closer to the city to have a better chance to get in there on the weekends. In the end, 4 people arranged for 2 appartments, which they shared. So I now share our appartment with a colleague. It was actually him who did all the research work and visited the appartments as I was on training and flyback during this time. When I came back to Shanghai the new appartment was already rented and my old one (with all my stuff still in!) handed over to the next colleague. Many thanks, Don did a great job! Continue reading Appartment Ding Xiang Lu / Cooking

Royal Garden Appartment

Royal Garden Appartment

We are living in an appartment complex called Royal Garden. It’s brand new. It’s so brand new that it hasn’t even been finished yet. The interieurs of Buildings 1 and 2 are in progress only. Buildings 5 and 6, where our appartments are, are more or less ready to live in. One day we saw workers carrying furniture into our building. But it seems that those appartments we are living in are fully featured. (Except for the safe I got on the day of my arrival, see Touch-down.) Continue reading Royal Garden Appartment