Water the Flowers

Here’s finally a gag for my Chinese friends…or those who want to learn Chinese:

I had a nice bug in yesterday’s Chinese class…my poor teacher couldn’t stop laughing: She was questining me for vocabulary, at that time focusing on the usage of “给” (gei) like 给你打电话 (“gei ni da dianhua”, to give you a call).

The Sentence to be translated now: “Water the flowers / give the flowers water”.

Birger’s answer: “Gei hua shui jiao”.

Funny, isn’t it? 🙂

When she startd laughing heartily I realized that I had mixed up something there…she thought of an even better version, “gen hua shui jiao”, which made her even more laugh, infecting me.

I should probably better remember that sprinkling water is “jiao shui” (浇水) instead of “shui jiao” (睡觉), which means: to sleep.

And “gen hua shui jiao” would even be 跟花睡觉: To sleep with the flowers.

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Originally Created: 04/24/2007 04:29:07 PM
Last Edited: 04/24/2007