Sightseeing II: …before they cease to exist

This page is dedicated to the areas of Shanghai, which belong to the series “See them before they cease to exist.” These tiny, dirty, smelly streets of Shanghai’s Old Town are in danger of having to give way to future construction projects with most likely modern glass palasts rising higher and higher in the smoggy air.

br_041023_327 br_041023_329 sha_041030_33

br_041023_327: A back street parallel to The Bund: This is the way Chinese dry their laundry. It’s even–in a bit more modern version–the same on the balconies of our appartments.

br_041023_329: Another small side street off Yong’an Lu, which impressed us with its intensive stench.

sha_041030_33: Same street, other day, now walking towards The Bund. Far in the back Jin Mao, still a strong contrast to the poor life in the foreground.

sha_041030_08 sha_041030_34

sha_041030_08: And yet another lane, now off Anren Jie, next to Yuyuan Garden, with tiny, squat houses, and, like everywhere, the laundry hanging outside.

sha_041030_34: Yan’an Donglu, seen from the pedestrian bridge crossing Zhongshan Dong Yilu to The Bund.

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Originally Created: 11/09/2004 02:45:15 PM
Last Edited: 11/09/2004