GuiLin (I) Arrived

Nothing interesting happened today. And there is likely not anything interesting to be happening tomorrow. Let me just give a brief note that I am still alive and well. I spent a lot of time waiting at airports today.I was early at LiJiang’s airport and had a scheduled 3 hour layover at KunMing. Rita and James had suggested to use the time to visit KunMing’s Stone Forest, KunMing’s major attraction and not too far away from the airport. But unfortunately it was raining cats and dogs when we touched down. Even the luggage came out wet. So I had to drop that idea as it is said that it might even be quite slippery at the more interesting spots in the Stone Forest. And walking in rain is no fun at all. I had to somehow wait away these 3 hours at the airport before I could board the plane to GuiLin.

Here I stay in the very central and good Backstreet Hostel, of which I don’t know where it got it’s name from…it is located in RenMin Lu, off the central walking street with the Sheraton Hotel next to it. I luckily had a reservation, while the two ladies (the very same two dutch women we had met at the second day of Tiger Leaping Gorge!) with whom I had shared a taxi had none and needed to find accomodation somewhere else. But unfortunately my reservation is only for one night…I might need to switch hostel tomorrow as this hostel is sold out and I will need a total of 3 nights here.

Tomorrow, Friday, I want to do some laundry and Vietnam planning (likely after changing hostel). Don’t expect any updates here…

On Saturday, I hope to meet Rita and James for visting the Rice Terraces of LongJi.

On Sunday we want to go down to YangShuo. Weather forcast is bad, so I am unsure if I take the river cruise again or just hop on a public bus directly bound for YangShuo.

Today’s Lesson: Waiting is boring.

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