Bangkok – Stop-over

Bangkok, Thailand…so much said about it everywhere, what shall I add? This document is just a sign of life. I arrived yesterday afternoon from Siem Reap, checked into my nice hotel and directly ventured out to the main modern shopping area around Siam Square with its shopping centers. I had some things to organize in Bangkok:

Rain Coat: As reported I had forgotten the one I brought in Phnom Penh. Today I found a North Face jacket, which is very light, but rain and wind proof. Western prices…but credit cards welcome. Theoretically I can reclaim VAT (7%). I have the forms with me, but I’m unsure if it will work out: I will fly out of Bangkok tomorrow morning at 05:50am. A bit unlikely that the VAT reclaim offices are manned by that time.

Tickets for the first domestic flight: With the later group of four (after my return from Bhutan) we will first go to Ko Samui. I wanted to organize for the flight tickets already before flights get full. But wasn’t necessary to wait until being here: Buying from a travel agency is even more expensive then from Bangkok Airways web site. So I finally booked online.

Sun lotion: Ehm…yea…but I forgot to bring sun lotion. I have it now. Bangkok even has sun lotion without whitener – in addition to the ones with whitener 😉

Now I am just passing time in the endless shopping malls of Siam Center. You know…I’m not the shopping kind of person. So I am not actually shopping, but stroll through the passages in search for Starbucks Coffee branches, organizing photos on my laptop. Found 4 branches already ;)) I am running into danger of catching a cold, though: As so often these malls are cooled down too much.

Thousands of food options, though. Yesterday I wanted to eat at Kao San Road, the famous backpacker ‘paradise’. When I arrived it started to rain, and it turned into a real heavy shower just when I passed by an Italian restaurant. Well…so due to rain season my first meal in Thailand was actually…Italian. Haven’t had for a very long time 😉

As of tomorrow, in Bhutan, I do not expect to get my laptop connected. So don’t expect travel reports from there immediately. In fact, expect no additions to this site for about two weeks until I return to Bangkok. I should be able to check mail via web interfaces from one or the other computer in the hotels at the beginning and end of trip. But during main parts I will do hiking with no internet connection or even electricity at all.

CU hopefully again in two weeks!

Today’s Lesson: Modern shopping malls are too cool.