Singapore (IV) Zoo and Bye

A Quickie as I’m sitting at the airport already, checked-in and all. Just had to start my laptop anyway to charge my iPod, which I forgot before…darn! And this is still Singapore, so there’s no shortage of WLAN. As announced earlier I paid a visit to the Zoo today. It’s a big zoo, especially in terms of area usage. There might be zoos with more different species, but the arrangement in the park area is really a worthwhile visit. When thinking of ‘zoo’ I still picture my first one back in Rheine, the small city I was born in. (Now called NaturZoo Rheine.) Probably a small zoo…but I was less than six years old and all looked great and big and especially sunny to me. So zoo is always something good! πŸ˜‰ (We probably never went to the zoo during rain…that’s why a zoo is always sunny to me.) For getting there see Night Safari…I took the same way this time again.

SG_20071115_112805.jpg: These are the animals I saw in the KL Deer Park already (Lake Gardens)…Mouse Deer I believe they have been aptly named.

SG_20071115_112942.jpg: Whoever jumps here into the snout of the crocodile can’t be helped. A False Gharial, to be exact.

SG_20071115_114903.jpg: The zoo was not just a zoo but often also provided background information about environmental issue or life habits of native people.

SG_20071115_115519.jpg: Banded Mongoose, cute animals.

SG_20071115_120457.jpg: And these guys were very playful and made for good photo objects: Baboons.

SG_20071115_121638.jpg: An example of the zoo’s toilets, also artfully integrated into the park environment.

SG_20071115_122230.jpg: Inbetween it twice rained heavily. These school kids were grounded in a pvillion but had some painting work to do. I had my umbrella πŸ˜‰

SG_20071115_135418.jpg: The world’s second-largest species of tortoise. Very clumsy movement…I don’t want to be this type of animal.

SG_20071115_135815.jpg: His/her head.

SG_20071115_150024.jpg: Yea…a butterfly again πŸ˜‰ In the “Rainforest Experience”, a covered bit of rainforest in which you are supposed to find the animals yourself. Also a nice collection of bats there.

SG_20071115_152848.jpg: A giraffe, in case you couldn’t guess πŸ˜‰

Eh, yea…that’s it. The zoo is especially proud of their White Tigers, which I had seen. But they were so lazy that they didn’t make for a good photo target. And all the rest is, as said, nicely presented, but more or less standard in terms of species.

Back to the hotel and then on the airport I got by MRT…a long long way through various suburbs with loads of high rising appartment blocks. But here at the airport everything’s super-modern and cozy… πŸ˜‰ I will have a change of flights in Bangkok and will arrive in Frankfurt in the early morning (05:30) local time of 16-NOV with Thai Airways (TG920).

I’m flying home! CU in Germany!

Today’s Lesson: Don’t jump off a bridge if there’s a crocodile beneath.

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